A unique opportunity for local area student actors and
filmmakers to participate in all aspects of filmmaking
by helping create a new and different style of feature
length movies.In association with ElectricSkyFilms
we make youth sci-fi films and actually pay the young
cast and crew on our feature film
$50 per day  
10-3pm includes lunch. Actors must have acting
experience and live within 5 miles from Littleton.
Parent must sign our standard release form.
If you are a very young actor send along recent pictures,
closeup+full shot and a bio/resume.
If you really believe you could be a very good
actor/actress however have little or no experience tell us
why in your very own words you could learn quickly.
Experienced actors get preference.
We film everywhere in Littleton: Town Hall, Valley Wild Books, Fay
Park, Library, Sub Shop, Cafe, The Point, Long Lake...etcetera...
Be a part of the coolest kids films of the century!
The way it works is when we have enough actors interested we then
interview and have a quick reading of each. If/when enough actors for
our trailer, we start!
Site updated 3/16/2021
Donate any small amount so we can
make more wonderful sci-fi and chess
films and run more chess activities!
via paypal
We also make sci-fi films.
Two of our feature sci-fi films are: Electric Sky and the The Prism
have sold in Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio and hopefully soon in
Asia and Scandinavia. All our films are produced in Littleton MA.
Along with numerous short sci-fi films.
If you are a young actor send along recent pictures, closeup+full
shot and a bio.
Our very talented actors and filmmakers in the past have included:
Amy Bullock of Acton MA.
Oliver Tejeda of Acton MA.
Linnea Ross of Littleton MA.
Camera supervisor and filmmaker: Jacqueline Kern of Littleton.
Home of  ElectricSkyFilms and Littleton Chess
Teaching chess and sci-fi filmmaking at Littleton Public Schools, Acton Public Schools.
Are you a young writer or actor? Do you have a screenplay or short/long story
that can be made into a movie? We make movies in Littleton MA.
Filming for our next film starts summer 2021 !!
We buy film rights to local area students original
books or screenplays. $50.00. Especially sci-fi.
Doesn't mean we ever make the film. However you
can never tell in the future. And you get the writing
credits in the film!
Otherwise your film may just sit on the shelf
forever and never bee seen :(
We have the following 3 film activities in pre-production:
Soon to be filmed all around Littleton MA.
Next Up:
Trenda and the Silver City. Fantasy-Adventure. Need actors Ages 11-14.
Filming starts summer 2021 !!

Comet Dust. Kids Sci-Fi fantasy adventure. Need actors 7-11.
Under Fay Park.  Sci-Fi thriller. Need actors Ages 12-16.
Camera operators: 2.
Send in a picture and acting portfolio. Cameraman no pic needed.

We would love a young talented director for at least one of these movies!

Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Musicians... send us your info. Can never tell when we
could use you on some of our films.  What are you waiting for?!!

Electric Sky Films. There's the best and then there's the rest.
Dare to be brave. Come film with us.
cell# 978 413 0059
Electric Sky Films section

Official film company in Littleton MA
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Below is a sample of our Zoom chess lessons. Students
will occasionally be able to ask questions during the class.
If time near end of each session a student can play a game
against the instructor with real time analysis for all to see.
Get on our mailing list for updates!
The reviews for the online classes are
coming in and they are good!
Kimberly Harriman
Tue 6/2/2020 8:10 AM
He thought it was great. :-)

Checked video...good lesson
Can you give me list of players lichess?

Amrita Khurana
Chess lessons section
Littleton Chess
Official film company in Littleton MA
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One-on-one lessons when Starbucks opens to all.  $60.00 per
hour. Beginners 13 and under.

Group lessons via Zoom. Very Berry Beginner Lessons.
Rank beginners.
Beginners 13 and under. 5 week nights $120.00.

Group lessons via Zoom. Intermediate Beginner
Learn strong openings and endgame methods.
Also learn chess power thinking.  
Beginners 13 and under. 5 week nights $120.00.