Littleton Chess Product Launch: ROMA

Littleton Chess is in the process of producing several chess products. The first is a
instructional kids intro-to-advanced chess videos/DVDS/streams. Taught with the
Littleton Chess methods!
The videos will have animated kid-toon characters to go along with the actual animated
chess moves/instruction.
Roma and Max and others will need kids voices!
Maybe you know of a kid that has a good, loud, clear voice. Kid/parent is paid $20.00 for
the hour for the kids voice.
Chess knowledge is not required.
The DVD/Stream will be expensive. However non-obligation pre-orders(email), as well as
Littleton Chess members get 25% discount off the $200.00.
Just think: one can watch the DVD over and over and be prepared for any future lessons
or classes. And! the DVD will have a switch to turn off the kids animation part such that
anyone may want to watch it.
If the voice activity above is something that interests your kid... then read on...
The videos will initially be directed towards kids ages 3-5 as a great head start on our chess classes or lessons.
Older kids or adults will be able to turn off the character animation if they want and use the chess videos as is for
The videos will teach in the Littleton Chess style and methods.

The voice actors prerequisites:
-- The voice actors would be ages 10 or less.
-- The voices need to be loud and very clear.
-- The script will be supplied to be read but not required to be memorized.
-- Chess knowledge is not required.
-- Read into the camera. Video turned off. However if you want it turned on for a behind the scenes chapter to
show how it was recorded and hopefully had fun, that's okay too, but not required.
-- Takes about 60 minutes. To be filmed outside at the Point or in the Library or the Fire Station.
-- As always with all of my film projects and dozens of cast and crew, a simple parental release form for has to be
-- Again the pay is $20.00 to the voice/actor/kid.
-- The first iteration may be a test with a follow up.

** In the end the videos will be quite expensive. A sample will be on youtube.
** If one wants they may pre-order without any $amount obligation. Pre-orders and Littleton Chess members get
a 25% discount should one actually decide to order the video.
** No actual eta (maybe early winter) on the first video completion yet. However the voice part can be done soon.
** I'll choose the best voices for the first video.